I collaborate regularly with Finnish and International design houses and glass manufacturers. These freelance jobs include the Birds by Penttinen collection of whimsical and funny glass bird characters for Iittala, launched in 2008, now no longer in production. The relaxed and colourful set of tumblers, goblets, jugs and dessert bowls called Sukat makkaralla (Socks rolled down) for Marimekko, were launched in 2010 and later on a champagne and other fizzy drinks glass was added to the collection.​ The popular and multi-functional Vitriini series of glass boxes for your precious essentials, also for Iittala. Mum's produces ethical designs in South Africa, and I have contributed with designs for patterns for bags and home textiles.


2019                Billnäs Collectables Fair (Lulu the Bird)

2018​                Billnäs Collectables Fair (Billie the Bird)

2015-              Aarikka, Finland

2015-              Bullseye Glass Co., USA

2010-             Marimekko, Finland

2009-             MUM's, Finland

2009-             Pasabahce, Turkey

2008-             Iittala / Fiskars, Finland

2003               Orrefors Glassworks, Sweden                                               

2001-2005    Sarner Cristal, Switzerland