I founded my company Nounou Design in Helsinki in 2003, one year after finishing a Master's Degree. During my studies I had explored different ways of working with the glass material, also in different countries. My everlasting love for Australia, where I studied in 1998-2000, almost made me stay on the other side of the globe, but mind won the heart and I returned to Finland for further studies. The time 'down under' had planted many seeds yet to grow and bloom, and so I decided to go with the flow, and glass. Nounou Design is still, 17 years later, the same one-woman company it has always been. Since the early days the Nounou Design glass studio has relocated​ to the Nuutajärvi Glass Village, where glass has been made since 1793. ​

Nounou Design is a brand name that covers my serial products, whatever the material.